Sunday, May 31, 2015

Free Find: Mesh Anime Avatar!

 Are you an Anime Fan?

Are you an Anime fan? If so, get ready to be excited for what I am about to show you. I went to Kowloon sim with my friend to pick up these 2 Full mesh anime avatars. When we found them I was completely shocked to find that they're totally FREE! The reason for my surprise is the fact that the full mesh avatar comes with a complete outfit. The eyes and hair color can be changed through the hud. You can also change the expression of your face and the eyes even have blink animations.

Are you an Anime Fan?

The creator, Magnum Yoshikawa, really could have charged a small fortune for all of these features especially considering some of the less well developed creations out there asking for a lot more money. Yoshikawaさん also has mesh bags, clothes, and hairstyles designed for magnum anime priced at just 20L$! Everyone should check out this shop.

Visit Kowloon Here

Complete Magnum Anime Avatars | Kowloon Feng Sui Girl | Free HERE

Poses Used: DESIRE Model Poses Free HERE