Wednesday, May 13, 2015

The Physique Mesh Body

Some of my friends that are not familiar with the mesh bodies are asking me because they have seen my new look so I will share what I have learned so far. Many of you are familiar with Slink hands and feet already. It was just a matter of time until creators gave us a high definition upgrade for the rest of our bodies. For example is this mesh Physique body created by Slink. As you would expect the body blends well with the Slink hands and feet.

Slink Physique Mesh Body

Physique Hud

This is the Physique mesh body hud. It allows you to detail how your mesh body appears when wearing clothes. They have alpha layer cut to hide the parts of your body that might be poking out of the clothing. There are three alpha mask options (meaning you can wear a  tattoo, underwear, and clothing layer with your mesh body.) There are 6 preset skin tones and 8 save slots available for the alpha and layer configuration.

The Physique mesh body package does not include the mesh hands and feet. However there are different body alpha layer options wherein you can still use it for your default head, hands and feet. If you are a SLink consumer, I recommend this mesh body for you.

You can find more of detailed instructions on how to wear the Physique mesh body HERE.

Visit Slink

What I'm Wearing:

Skin: Pink Fuel
*Eyes: Aphotic Gloom - Clarus Eyes (Amber)
Hair: Maitreya Green II - Chocolate
*Mesh Body: SLink Physique Mesh Body
*Mesh Hands and Feet: SLink
Bikini: *Chipmunk* Bikini Red | 1L Marketplace

*Poses Used: Everglow