Friday, June 12, 2015

I Love Role-Play! :D

I <3 Role Play

Once upon a time in a far away land, there was a princess named Shara. She was a kind soul that was next in line to the throne. Her father was a loving but very strict guardian of her innocence and rarely allowed her outside of the grounds of the royal residence. One day when her father was on a long journey, she demanded that her servants bring her the clothes of a commoner and take her out to see the way people lived outside of protected existence she was accustomed to.  Her servants tried to persuade her not to go as her father would be very angry with her but she reminded them that she would soon be queen and mentioned the fact that her father was far away and would not ever know as long as her identity was not uncovered. 

I <3 Role Play

And so her servants brought her a common traveler's cloak and a beat up wagon from one of the peasants of the realm. She even had to use a stubborn and smelly donkey instead of the royal purebred horses she was used to. Her journey outside of the castle was a mixture of excitement and horror as she finally got to see what life was like for anyone of common blood.

The story behind this look is inspired by We ♥ Role-Play Event! :D

What I'm Wearing:

* Skin:  [PXL] Shara LT Makeup 01 DEB C2 | New @ We ♥ Role-Play
* Eye Brow Tattoo: [PXL] Eyebrows Branch Tattoo (Included in Shara Skin Package)
* Mesh Hands/Feet/Body: Slink  
Eyes: Aphotic Gloom - Clarus Eyes (Ice)
Hair: TRUTH Brianna - cocoa
Outfit: Luas | Antonia Dress Red and Black | Group Gift 0L$

Poses Used: Everglow

Location: Dwarfins Sim